When a Car Malfunction Causes Your Accident

When a Car Malfunction Causes Your Accident

Car Malfunctions and Car Accidents

The majority of car crashes are caused by driver error, but on some rarer occasions a malfunction or defect in the vehicle itself can cause the accident. When this happens, it’s important to understand how the defect affects your ability to make an insurance claim. The insurance of the person who is at fault normally pays for the damages of the other driver. It’s no different in the case of a malfunction, except that instead of an individual being liable for the crash, it’s the vehicle manufacturer. Here’s what to do to make sure you get compensated by the manufacturer.

Identify the Issue

It may take a little research to discover that your vehicle is defective. After the accident, have your car looked over by a professional to determine which part caused the crash. The most common defects include:

  • Airbags that don’t work by deploying at the wrong time or failing to deploy at all
  • Faulty seat belts
  • Electrical fires
  • Brakes that stop working

In all of these cases, your accident was out of your control because of the defect. These malfunctions can cause serious injuries and damages, and you should be able to get compensated for something that was beyond your ability to fix. Manufacturers have a responsibility to sell safe products, so you have the right to make a claim or sue for your recovery.

File a Claim

When the manufacturer is at fault, you can file a claim with their insurance to get covered. Just know that you may be in for a fight if you are asking for a lot of money from a big company. Auto manufacturers have large policies to cover those injured by defects, but they may still try to cheat you out of what you deserve.

File a Lawsuit

If you are getting nowhere with your insurance claim, it may be time to consider filing a lawsuit instead. This takes things a step further and allows you to make your case for compensation. Many lawsuits settle out of court when you and the manufacturer reach an agreement. If your case goes to court, expect it to take considerably longer and cost more.

If you’ve been injured or suffered financial loss because of a part defect, consider contacting a motor vehicle accident lawyer in Dallas, TX, who can help create a solid case in your favor. Legal assistance from a firm like the Brandy Austin Law Firm, PLLC can help ease the burden of recovery and get more out of the situation.