What To Do With Your Car After an Accident

What To Do With Your Car After an Accident

There are many things you’re supposed to do after a car accident — check for injuries, call 911, exchange driver information — but what about your vehicle? Should you move it or keep it where it is until help arrives? In some cases moving your car is the right choice, but in many situations, it is not advised. Here’s what to do with your vehicle after an accident.

When To Move a Car

While not every situation is black and white, there are some occasions when moving your car is almost always a must. You should move your vehicle if:

  • Your car is blocking traffic.
  • Your car is not totaled and can be safely moved.
  • It is clear who caused the accident.

Take photos of the accident before you move the vehicle (if possible), as these can be shown to insurance and other parties to prove what happened.

Where a Car Can Be Safely Moved To

The shoulder of the road is an acceptable place to go if nowhere else is available (such as on an interstate), but a nearby parking lot or another street that is not busy is even better. Moving your car to a safe spot can prevent other accidents from occurring. If you leave your car in traffic when you are able to move it, you may be putting other drivers at risk.

When Not To Move a Car

It goes without saying that you cannot move your car if it is damaged beyond repair. If your car is not running properly, do not mess with it and wait for authorities and/or a tow truck to retrieve it. You may also be prevented from moving out of the way of traffic if people are injured in the vehicle, as any movement could put their lives at risk. It is up to you to judge the safety of the situation and your surroundings.

Why It Can Be Important Not To Move Vehicles

In cases where negligence or illegal activities caused the accident, the collision scene may hold valuable evidence for a criminal investigation or an insurance claim. By keeping your vehicles in the same position, you give police the chance to examine the situation and take pictures.

If you are unsure about moving your car, call the police. They can talk you through what to do. Then contact a car accident lawyer in Lakeland, FL from a law firm like David & Philpot, PL to discuss your insurance claim and make sure you can get the most for your accident. Discussing your car accident with a professional and your next steps could be extremely helpful.