What to Do After a Vehicle Strikes a Pedestrian

Car Accident Lawyer

Pedestrians hit by automobiles generally suffer severe injuries. Besides the pain and suffering associated with recovery, the associated medical bills can be enormous. If you are hurt as a result of reckless driving, you deserve compensation. The odds of receiving restitution, however, are much greater if you understand what happens following an accident. Here is some information you can use following one of these motorized incidents.


After calling 911, your next step should be discovering what insurance, if any, the individual operating the vehicle owns. In most cases, the driver will provide this information without trouble. This information is vital for achieving financial recovery.


Preparing your case involves knowing everything concerning the accident’s circumstances. Obtain a copy of the police report and return to the scene to take photos and video. Write out your version of events and create a visual representation of how it occurred. This narrative will help your attorney formulate a winning argument.

Your attorney will most likely send a series of questions to the defense, otherwise known as an interrogatory. Oral discovery happens when the defendant becomes subject to a deposition. During discovery depositions, the defendant’s attorney asks the defendant a series of questions. These queries may include matters such as:

  • The cause of the accident
  • Injuries sustained
  • Quantity of lost wages
  • Prior accidents
  • Criminal convictions

Assuming the defendant is contesting your claim, the defense attorney is likely to cover elements such as the admission of fault, traffic signals and the existence of eyewitnesses.

Requests for Documentation From the Defendant 

Both defendant and plaintiff are allowed to request evidence from each other. Medical records, proof of lost wages and injury photos are fair game. Pictures confirming damage are favorable to your case. Your attorney may also decide that requesting admission of fault from the defendant’s insurance company is beneficial to your case.

Determining Liability

Identifying who is responsible for an accident is the central focus of any personal injury lawsuit. In the case of a vehicle striking a pedestrian, accident witnesses and health care providers are likely to be deposed to provide insight. An experienced personal injury lawyer in Sebastian, FL, like from Tuttle Law, can help secure these individuals, as well as investigate other factors such as proof of texting, the existence of crosswalks and assumption of risk.

If you suffer injury from a motor vehicle, you should be reimbursed for every related expense. When the time comes to build your case, applying the services of an experienced personal injury attorney is highly recommended. Hire a qualified professional before putting the legal process into motion.