Types of Slip and Fall Accidents

Slip and fall accidents are perhaps one of the most invasive instances of all personal injury accidents. When it comes to car accidents we might see them coming to a degree and hopefully avoid the worst of physical consequences. When it comes to slip and fall accidents, however, the catalyst is invisible or nearly invisible. It’s transparent as a glass of water because more often than not, that’s exactly what it is. Still, there are several other causes of slip and falls; below are the most common types you can expect:

Wet floors: Starting with the most common, the wet floor is what we usually associate with a slip and fall accident. This occurs when an individual spills a liquid intentionally or unintentionally and that liquid is left for a relatively significant period of time until someone slips on it. The general idea is that the court will look at all the conditions of the place, like the amount of foot traffic, the size of the space, schedules and procedures along with camera footage to make a determination of whether or not an applicable individual should have reasonably noticed the hazard and should have done something about it.

Uneven surfaces: Though less common, these are just as dangerous. Uneven surfaces come in the form of uneven floorings and sidewalks, improperly laid mats or rugs, and damaged or aged stairs. Common at workplaces and other public buildings and residences, these hazards are expected to be fixed by the property owner or a representative like the wet floor, courts will be looking at whether or not a representative could have reasonably fixed the hazard in the time before the accident.

Medical neglect: One of the less thought of accidents, falls regarding medical neglect occur when a usually elderly individual who currently resides in an assisted living facility or hospital isn’t given the mobility assistance they need and they fall in turn. These people are already known to have difficulty maintaining balance before they are admitted so there are few excuses against a fall of medical neglect especially if it is found that staff knowingly neglected an individual that has trouble standing on their own.

Environmental conditions: Mother nature can have a role in this like a property owner’s failure to properly clear stairs of snow after a storm. But this category isn’t just exclusive to weather. Accidents regarding environmental conditions can also include trash on the floor, cords left lying around, insufficient lighting and other physical impediments. 

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