Traffic Tickets: Is the Cost Worth the Fight?

If you receive a traffic ticket after a traffic stop, you might wonder whether it is worth fighting or if you should just pay it. If you’re having any questions about whether you should pay it, then you might want to hold off on payment at first. Payment is an admittance of guilt. Instead, you need to think about whether it is worth it to fight the ticket in court. Here is what you should do if you find yourself considering fighting the ticket.

Find Out More About the Law

Police do not always memorize the laws that they cite you for violating. It is important that you learn the law that you allegedly violated. If you need help from a lawyer, he or she can help put the law into plain language and break down all of the different components. If it is possible that you did not break the laws cited, then you may be able to fight the ticket. While there will always be aspects of the law that you cannot challenge, there may be aspects that you can fight. A lawyer, like a traffic ticket attorney in Newark from Rispoli & Borneo, P.C., can help you figure out if you have a standing against the law.

Compare the Costs

Traffic attorneys generally cost between 50 and 250 dollars. The average cost for an attorney is about 155 dollars. Traffic ticket costs average out about 150 dollars, but many traffic tickets can cost up to and over 24,000 dollars. If your attorney costs more than your traffic ticket, then it may not be worth fighting it. Unless the traffic ticket is going to cause you to lose your license, it might be better to pay the fee. However, if your traffic tickets cost more than the lawyer, then it might be worth fighting. After all, traffic tickets can take a significant amount of money to pay.

When it comes to traffic tickets, you need to think about the stakes. If you are dealing with a low cost ticket, then it might not be worth the fight. However, if the stakes are high, you may want to look into speaking with an attorney. If you are facing high fines or if you are facing the loss of your license, then you may want to consider the possible defenses. It never hurts to meet with a traffic ticket lawyer to discuss whether your ticket is worth fighting. Consult with a traffic ticket lawyer as soon as possible to discuss your options.