Speeding Tickets and License Suspensions

When you are pulled over for speeding, you may have a hundred questions running through your head. One could be, “Can I lose my driver’s license for speeding?” While the answer depends on your specific situation, in many cases the answer is “yes.” There are some exceptions, and it’s important you understand these things so you are prepared for what could happen if you choose to break the law and speed.

Your First Offense

In many states, your license won’t be suspended if this was your first time receiving a violation. If the violation included a criminal charge, such as vehicular homicide, you’re probably facing a license loss. If you are under 18 years old, many states will also take away your license, even if this was your first offense.

Multiple Offenses

After you have been given multiple tickets for the same offense, the law will not allow you to keep getting behind the wheel. In many states, the line is drawn at three convictions, often within a certain amount of time. It’s possible you could lose your license for a few months, and depending on the amount of offenses you already have under your belt, it could be a few years.

The Point System

Most states run on something called a “point system.” This is a system that assigns a certain amount of points per infraction. A speeding ticket may add a certain amount of points to your driving record, and a car accident may add a different amount. In any case, when you reach a certain number of points, regardless of whether this is your first or third speeding ticket, you could lose your license.

Fighting Your Ticket

In many cases, you are given a hearing before anyone takes away your driving privileges. If you go before a hearing officer and can explain why you have so many infractions on your driving record, it’s possible your points will be reduced and you will be able to keep your license. You’ll need some really good reasons with solid evidence, however, so don’t think you can just march in there and demand your points are reduced. It’s also possible you will be able to keep your license if you drive for a living, but that will be up to the hearing officer.

Receiving Legal Advice

After getting a speeding ticket and being put at risk of losing your driver’s license, it may benefit you to contact a lawyer. Call an attorney, like a criminal defense attorney from The Morales Law Firm, today for legal advice.