Should I take the Settlement for my Auto Accident?

If you’ve been injured in an auto accident, you are likely getting calls from the involved insurance companies asking for a recorded account of the accident, details about what happened, personal information – and possible offering you a settlement amount. After going through the trauma of an accident and sustaining injuries it can be an overwhelming experience, and you may benefit from working with an experienced auto accident lawyer in Simi Valley, CA, such as from Barry P. Goldberg, who can guide you through the whole process and provide legal advice. Having a lawyer to represent you and your interests could be the best decision you make. Contact a law firm today for a consultation.

Negotiating with Insurance

When the insurance company calls, they will act like your friend and try to entice you with accepting the first settlement amount they offer. Since you likely haven’t been through this before, you may not know how to best navigate through this and get the most compensation you need for your auto accident. An auto accident lawyer has been there before and knows how to take charge with insurance companies. Your lawyer can negotiate on your behalf, offer you advice through the negotiation process, and act as your advocate in every situation. Dealing with insurance can be a tricky process, and having the experience of a lawyer on your side can help it go more smoothly. 

If your claim doesn’t go to court and stays as a settlement with insurance it can be an easier process, but you will still benefit from the experience of an auto accident lawyer because insurance companies are known for taking advantage of people and offering lower settlements than what the injured person actually deserves or needs to cover their medical expenses for the their injuries from the accident. 

Call a Law Firm Today

When you’ve been injured in an auto accident, you have enough to worry about with your recovery and healing, let an experienced auto accident lawyer worry about your settlement and legal needs for you. Their experience can help you through this with the best outcome possible while you focus on getting your life back on track and living like you used to. Don’t let a low-ball settlement put you into debt for the medical expenses from your accident when the insurance company should be covering more and offering you a fair settlement. Your lawyer has been through this before and can make sure you aren’t left with less than you deserve because the insurance company is being greedy and not offering you a fair amount for what you need. Contact a law firm today schedule your initial consultation with an experienced lawyer who can go over the details of your claim, help you make solid decisions on how to move forward, negotiate with insurance companies on your behalf, and act as your legal advocate. Call a law firm today to get the legal guidance and representation you need!