Motorcycle Accident vs Car Accidents

A motorcycle accident victim who is injured by a negligent driver has the same legal rights to financial compensation as a car accident victim, however, the process for obtaining that compensation can be more complex. This is one of the reasons why motorcycle crash victims should have a skilled motorcycle accident attorney advocating for them in any legal claim or lawsuit they have.

Differences Between Motorcycle Accidents and Car Accidents

It is well documented how much more dangerous riding motorcycles are compared to driving other types of vehicles. In fact, statistics show that a motorcycle rider is 27 times more likely to die in a crash than a car accident victim. There are several factors that cause these high numbers.

For one thing, because motorcycles are so much smaller than other vehicles, it is harder for other drivers to see them. Add to that a driver who is taking on the cell phone, fiddling with the radio, or other engaged in other distracted behavior and the odds that they will not see the motorcycle driving near them even greater.

Motorcycles also provide less protection – actually no protection – than passenger vehicles do. There is nothing to minimize the impact of a smashing vehicle. In a passenger car, although there can still be damage to the car, it does provide some buffer or protection to occupants. Even a minor collision can cause a serious injury to a motorcyclist. This is why it is critical for all motorcycle riders to wear a helmet and protective gear.

Another factor is that motorcycles require shorter stopping distances than a car does. If a driver of a car is following too closely to a motorcycle and that motorcyclist stops, there may not be enough space between them so that the vehicle also stops before it smashes into the back of the bike.

Tragically, the injuries suffered in motorcycle accidents are often much more severe than those sustained in a car accident. Without that protection, there is nothing to prevent a rider from being thrown from the bike upon impact of the crash. Many victims suffer catastrophic injuries, such as brain trauma, amputation, and paralysis. These injuries leave them with much longer recovery times and often permanent disabilities.

These extent of the injuries and the losses they cause often means that claims for motorcycle accidents are much higher than those of other vehicle accidents. Whenever a claim is high, it is almost guaranteed that the insurance company will do all they can to fight the claim in an attempt to reduce the amount of compensation the victim receives or even try to deny the claim completely. A motorcycle accidents lawyer in Arizona will fight all attempts by the insurance company to avoid a fair and just settlement for the victim.


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