How to Stay Safe While Driving Through a Construction Zone

Road construction could mean delayed arrivals, a higher risk for car accidents, and more time spent on your commute. Fortunately, it’s typically a process that will make your commute easier and quicker in the end, so all you have to do is endure the time it takes to complete the job. Safety is an important part of any construction zone, and the following are some things you can do to stay safe on the road in a construction zone.

Pay Attention to the Speed Limit

Most construction zones have reduced speed limits, so pay attention to the signs leading up to the area where construction is happening. There will probably be signs posted along the construction route as well, so be sure you’re always watching. Also, keep in mind you should go with the flow of traffic, so if cars are driving slower, you should also slow down.

Comply With the Construction Workers’ Requests

You may come across a spot where there are flaggers warning you to slow down or stop. If you disobey the flagger, it’s possible you could face getting a traffic ticket, as obeying flaggers is similar to obeying regular signs. Those construction workers are tasked with keeping you safe, so listen to them!

Practice Patience

You may not make it to school on time and you might get stuck in traffic after a long day of work. Practice patience. Too many injuries are sustained because of reckless driving by individuals who exhibit signs of road rage. Turn on some calming music, think about something that makes you happy, get comfortable, and be prepared for delays.

Give Yourself Plenty of Space

Whether you are changing lanes or just following other cars, be sure to give yourself plenty of space. Even though you’re driving more slowly than usual, accidents can happen. Many construction zones have abrupt stops, and you don’t want to hit the back of another car because you followed too close.

Don’t Assume the Construction Zone Has Ended

You don’t ever want to assume you’re out of the construction zone because that could put you in danger of speeding or disobeying other traffic rules. Instead, wait until you see a sign that says “end construction zone” or something similar. That is typically when you can increase your speed to the regular limit and change lanes to the one where work was being done.

Contact Your Attorney

If you were in a car accident while in a construction zone, contact a car accident lawyer, like an Auto Accident Injury Lawyer in Melbourne, Florida, today. He or she can help you determine what went wrong, who was in the wrong, and how to move forward with the situation you’re in.


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