Common Injury Reasons for Workers Comp

Workers Compensation Attorney

Workers Compensation Overview

Workers are always at risk of injury whether they realize it or not regardless of the industry they work in. Even office workers are at risk of overexertion of certain muscles and postures that could lead to injuries down the road. Workers that work in more labor- intensive jobs that see them lifting heavy objects and using heavy machinery are at an even higher risk. It is always important to understand the nuances of daily activity in the workplace to avoid injury or accidents. Unfortunately, no matter how safe the standards and safety records are, accidents can and do happen. 

Most Common Types of Injuries at Work

Some of the most common types of accidents at work are due to working with equipment that could malfunction and cause an injury. Equipment could also be used by a worker who is tired and not paying attention leading to negligence and an injury to themselves or coworker. Overexertion and exhaustion are also common reasons for workers to get injured. For example, an exhausted worker may be operating a machine and not aware of the environment around them. They may not notice that there are harmful substances or objects that could cause bodily harm and injury. They may also not notice that there are workers around them who may be in the vicinity of a possible injury from the machine. 

Negligence at the Workplace

Organizations and companies are required to have protocols in place to ensure the safety of their workers. They do not always do a great job at this though and negligence does occur. Negligence is a possibility if management has not put safety protocols in place and ignores the warnings from employees about possible incidents and issues.  

Is It Possible to Be Awarded Compensation?

Compensation is a definite possibility in a workers compensation case. If you have been injured on the job due to negligence of management and workers or from subpar workplace practices and protocols then you may have a strong claim. Many other injuries and reasonings can also be included in a workers compensation claim. It may be beneficial to contact a lawyer to assist you with your claim as there are many details and timelines in place for workers compensation claims. If you are looking for a workers compensation attorney Brooklyn then a firm like Polsky, Shouldice & Rosen, P.C. may be of assistance.