Abuse at Nursing Homes

While most nursing homes are safe places of refuge and care for those in need, others unfortunately are not. Nursing homes generally offer care for their residents who may be subjected to memory loss issues, mobility issues and more. The residents get meals provided as well as a staff who can help them with their medical needs. While most of these homes do their best to care for their residents, there have been cases where some residents have been neglected and not had their needs met. Let’s dive in and review a bit about what to look out for at nursing homes. 

What to Watch For

Nursing home staff are supposed to be trained to meet the needs of their residents. Sometimes though, the training is subpar and could lead to issues in certain services and care. Another common problem is the nursing home being short-staffed. It is possible that without adequate staffing numbers that the nursing home is unable to offer care to the residents that they originally guaranteed the care for. It is important to be aware of these issues. Pay close attention to the management as well to make sure that they are professional and managing properly. A nursing home is held to high standards, because the work they do is very important. Make sure that they remain committed to those high standards by keeping a close eye on them.

What to do If You or Your Loved One Are Being Abused

Abuse is something that is serious and punishable by law. Nursing homes are held to a standard where they are supposed to guarantee the rights and services needed to a resident. If those needs are not being met, then there is an issue. It is especially important to document any abuse that you believe is occurring. If a staff member is neglecting meals, water, medicine administering or physically abusing you or your loved one, then there may be grounds for a legal claim against them. Document these things in writing, photos of possible abuse or sharing the details with a nursing home abuse lawyer.

Legal Counsel May Help

If you have been neglected or even abused while living at a nursing home, it may be time to seek out experienced legal counsel who can help you get your voice heard. Possible compensation could be awarded to you as well in addition to possible penalties against the home who has caused you harm. If it is your loved one who is being affected by nursing home abuse, always listen to their stories and check for any physical scars or marks or change in attitude of that loved one. If you would like to move forward with a case against the nursing home, consider contacting a nursing home abuse lawyer who can assist you with your case.