Cases A Personal Injury Can Assist You With

A personal injury accident dramatically changes the life of anyone who goes through them. While many people are aware that personal injury cases usually involve car accidents, pedestrian accidents, and other types of common accidents, there are other less known types of cases in which accident victims can go to a lawyer for assistance. If you have suffered any kind of harm due to an accident that could have been prevented, a lawyer will be able to offer legal assistance. Below are some case types that fall within the personal injury practice area. 

Elevator Accident 

An elevator malfunction may happen for a number of reasons, and when it does, it can be a dangerous safety hazard. Elevator accidents are rare, but they can result in major injuries that result in significant blood loss, tissue damage, nerve damage, and even amputation and death. In many cases, a property owner, such as for a business or hotel, fails to conduct safety inspections or takes action to fix a malfunctioning elevator. If you have been injured in an elevator accident that you believe is the fault of a property owner, contact a lawyer and they will conduct an investigation. 

Nursing Home Abuse 

As an experienced and highly qualified personal injury lawyer like one at Therman Law Offices, LTD can tell you about, there are countless nursing home abuse cases all across the country. Families place their elderly loved ones in a nursing home when they want to make sure that they receive proper care and access to various resources and recreational activities.  When abuse occurs in a nursing home that results in bodily injury, you can consult a lawyer for legal assistance so they can see if a worker, nursing facility, or other party is liable. 

Boating Accident

Accidents that happen on boats can result in serious injury. Many of the causes of boating accidents include driving under the influence, horseplay, and inexperience. Boats are difficult to operate, so boat owners and renters are responsible for learning how to operate a boat safely and following local, regional and international maritime laws so that they can operate the boat properly. If you or a loved one has been injured in a boating accident, you can turn to a trusted personal injury lawyer for guidance. 

Dog Bite 

Dog attacks do not happen often, but even a bite from a small dog can cause extensive injuries. Regardless of breed, if a dog feels threatened or fearful around another person, they may attack. Owners are legally responsible if their dog injures, maims or injures a person or another animal. Dogs must be kept in a completely enclosed area or they must be on a leash. Unfortunately, maulings can result in serious or life-threatening injuries, or terrible consequences such as permanent disfigurement. Look to a reputable personal injury lawyer so that they can help you recover losses you have suffered in a dog attack. 

There are many areas that a personal injury lawyer can assist you with, so request a consultation right away.